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We are distributors for the Splat Teck Systems line of products throughout the entire eastern half of Wisconsin and are currently setting up our dealer network of ATV, UTV dealers and those who sell products to those who enjoy the sport of Off Road Racing.  We are also selling direct to Ice Oval Race Teams and ready to grow our main product SPLAT TECK to motorcycle dealers, boat dealers and classic car enthusiasts throughout the United States and beyond.

For Your Motorcycle, Auto, Truck, Boat, Home, Classic Car & More!

Keep the bugs at bay and protect every part of your ride with Splat-Teck.  Clean, polish and protect with a simple spritz and a quick wipe and buff with a microfiber rag.  Gives you a great bug and grime resistant shine that will impress you. Just $11.95 for an 8 Oz bottle with a DELUXE microfiber towel.

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For Your ATV, UTV, Side By Side or Off Road Vehicle.

Easily clean and protect your vehicle without the need for power washing.  Simply apply before riding and rinse when done.  Even gives your unit a nice shine.  Now being used by professional riders, outfitters and casual enthusiasts around the nation.  Saves time in clean up WITHOUT need for a power washer.

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Environmentally Friendly Option For Ice Oval & Grass Drag Racers

ICETECK is a 100% Biodegradable, Environmentally friendly lubricant designed for snowmobile racers.  Formulated for temperatures of -25 degrees and below, ICETECK gives racers an option due to concerns with the bio-hazardous lubricants that are being used.  Compatible with all lube systems and components.

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KTeck Distributors
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